Wanna post here from your phone?
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Aaron's Getting Married!
So ya wanna post to the moblog eh?
  1. If you haven't created an account on aaronpropst.com. Do so. Ya can't do much of anything till you've given yourself a name.
  2. Figure out what the 'from' address on your cameraphone is. So far the best way to figure this out that i've found is to send a picture to your own email address.
  3. Punch that email address into the edit page.
    (I hafta know what this address is so i know who's posting what pictures, and so the script can delete any unfriendly mail that comes in.)
  4. Send away! The address to send to is pix at aaronpropst dot com
    NOTE: Any text in the body of the email message *should* get parsed and included on the page. (no guarantees, i wrote that part specifically for t-mobile users)
not so fine print:
Most cellphone providers charge you in order to take advantage of picture mail and other advanced data services. Check with your provider before taking advantage of it..

In my case, i'm payin t-mobile an extra $5 a month so i can send unlimited pictures and email from my phone. It's worth it to me to share my day to day wackiness with you folk.. but it might not be for you. Regarding t-mobile.. outside of their unlimited plan, it'll cost you a quarter to send each pic. So blog wisely.

if you DO decide to collaborate with us.. i thank you in advance.. this shit is the coolest!
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